YMCA Suffolk is able to provide supported housing for many young people across Suffolk.

We provide different types of accommodation and different levels of support dependent on your individual needs.

All YMCA Accommodation offers the same fundamental service but has unique facilities within the site and in the surrounding areas.

We currently offer the following YMCA Accommodation:

Supported housing is short term accommodation where support is available to help young people to develop the skills they will need in order to live independently such as: help to manage a tenancy, budgeting, cooking and support to access the services they may need (health, advice, advocacy, education and training).

All young people that live within YMCA Suffolk Accommodation will be allocated an Engagement Officer. The Engagement Officer will support each young person to prepare and complete their individualised support plan, tailored to their needs at that time. Part of each support plan is to complete Passport 4 Independence training (P4I). This is an in house course that helps develop each young person’s skills and gives them the tools to look after themselves. This ensures they can successfully move on to more independent living within the community.

Need accommodation but unsure which provision you need?

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