Supported Housing

Supported housing is short term accommodation where support is available to help young people to develop the skills to live independently, help to manage a tenancy and budgeting and support to access the services you need such as health, advice, advocacy, education and training.

All young people that live within YMCA Suffolk accommodation will be allocated an engagement officer. Together they will develop an individual support plan, specific for that young persons need at the time, and work together to complete this plan. They will also automatically be signed up to the Passport to Independence which is an accredited course that helps develop the young people’s skills and gives them the tools to look after themselves and successfully move on to live independently within the community.


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At Ipswich we have a variety of accommodation available. We have a hostel which caters for the younger people that need a little more support. The Hostel is a three story building, with shared bath rooms on each floor, a kitchen, living room and laundry. A lot of young people referred to us for support start in the hostel, and then move on to the flats which are for slightly more independent young people. The flats are self contained and have a kitchen and bathroom. All of the accommodation is for 16-24 year olds and staffed 24/7.

We also have move on Flats which are specifically for 18-28 year olds who are fairly independent and are preparing to move on to non-supported independent accommodation.

The young people that live here will receive between 1-5 hours support a week, dependant on the level of support they need at that time.

Bury St Edmunds


The Bury site has a hostel which is a three story building with shared bathroom facilities on each floor, this accommodation is for younger people who will need a higher level of support to begin with, and flats which are self contained flats with un suits and kitchen facilities, the  young people using this accommodation would be slightly more independent and preparing to move out into non-supported accommodation. The Bury site accommodation caters for 16-24 year olds and is staffed 24/7.

The young people using this accommodation will receive between 3-6 hours support a week, dependant on the level of support needed at the time.


YMCA Suffolk has an 8 bed accommodation unit based at The Mix in Stowmarket, which caters for 16-24 years olds, but predominantly 16-19 year olds in need of supported accommodation. The Mix accommodation unit is a brand new purpose built 3 story building, with 8 en-suite rooms and two kitchen/living rooms.

The Mix aims to be a place where young people go to feel inspired, develop confidence and experience creativity. There are a number of organisations working at The Mix to provide activities, workshops, support and guidance to young people.

The young people will receive between 5-14 hours support a week delivered by our 24/7 engagement officers. The young people will have all food provided, and will have an evening meal cooked. They will need to follow some rules, including a cur few.